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All Havana tobaccos are dried in the drying shed. This is a long-term, natural process, which requires continuous control in order to avoid too much variation in temperature and humidity. The drying lasts approximately 50 days. The leaves turn yellow, then oxidise and turn the golden brown colour known to all. They can now begin the first stage of fermentation.
First Stage of Fermentation
The leaves are put together in manoqus and are taken to the fermentation house where they are piled up, three feet high. Hygrometry is enough to infer the first stage of fermentation, which lasts up to 30 days… It will reduce the leaves to resin and they will adopt a more uniform colour.
The leaves undergo dampening in preparation for forthcoming handling. The outer layer leaves are splashed with pure water to avoid any marks and are left intact after first classification. The remaining leaves are humidified with a mixture of water and tobacco stems. The thickest part of the leaf is removed. The leaves are then classified by size, colour, texture and leaf type.
Second Stage of Fermentation
Once classified, the leaves are put together and stacked in bundles, “Burros”. The size of the “Burros”, combined with the humidity caused by the “Moja” (wetting) induces a much more powerful fermentation which will last 60 days. At this stage the tobacco undergoes a chemical modification, eliminating impurities and strengthening its flavour and aroma.
Ventilation and Packaging
After the harshness of the second fermentation, the leaves are left to rest for a few days on ventilation palettes. Once they are fully recovered, they are put in containers, “Tercios”, which are made with royal palm tree bark.
Ageing in “Tercios”
During the time the containers are stocked in the warehouse, the leaves undergo an ageing process, which again refines their flavour and aroma. They are then transported to Havana for the next step.

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