How to fully enjoy one's Habano?
How to store your Havana?
The cigars are ready to be smoked when they are kept between a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees with a relative degree of humidity between 65% and 70%. If you live in a country with a changeable climate, we advise you to invest in a humidor. It will allow you to store your cigars in ideal conditions.
How to test the condition of your cigars?
Before lighting your chosen cigar, place it between the thumb and index figure and press delicately. On touching it should crackle slightly. The exterior should be silky to the touch. Some people roll the cigar near to their ear… this is pointless, it will only damage the cigar.
How to cut your cigar?
Use a guillotine or special scissors to sever the larger part of the cigar from the head. The incision should be where the cigar almost reaches its maximum diameter, leaving part of the head so as to avoid the outer layer becoming unstuck.  
Avoid driving a match or lighter into the end of your cigar. The tobacco will be compressed and will ruin the draw of the cigar. At this stage there is no need to remove the ring tag. It can be easily removed once the cigar is hot.
How to light your cigar?
The ideal way of lighting is by using an odourless butane lighter or a match once the sulphur has burnt. Do not use a petrol lighter or a taper as they will give a bad taste. Do not hurry.
Start by presenting the foot of the cigar to the flame to ensure an equal ignition.  Blow lightly on the incandescent part so that the cigar burns uniformly.  Place the cigar between the lips, draw small puffs turning the cigar between your fingers. The thicker the cigar the more time will be needed to bring it to life.
How to re-light your cigar?
If your cigar goes out, re-light by burning the perimeter of the outer layer that looks like a little crater. Then, re-light your cigar as if it was new, starting by blowing inside so as to eliminate any residue of old smoke.
How to smoke your cigar?
Do not inhale, it is not a cigarette; slowly move the smoke around the mouth, letting it tantalise your taste buds. Relax and enjoy the subtle flavour. Taste your cigar as you would taste an old, pure malt and rare whisky.
Do not plunge your cigar into a glass of alcohol as Winston Churchill had a habit of doing. This ruins the subtle flavour or the cigar. Do not shake of the ashes. Let the cigar form a long ash and let it drop when it is ready.
How to put out your cigar?
Do not crush it, put it down. It will go out rapidly on its own.

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