Finding the Havana cigar that suits you the best may take a long time...
For some people, the search never ends!
Where to start?
The “Corona” and the “Mareva" : two formats that can be found in many brands. One measures 142mm and the other 129mm, both having a diameter of 42mm. Choose and taste one format from different brands. Or choose a sample of various formats.
Strong or Mild?
Once you have found the taste that suits you the most, there is something else that cannot be neglected : If you smoke more than one Havana cigar a day, the cigar following the first should have an equivalent or fuller flavour. A light cigar after a strong cigar would seem bland.
Long or Short?
The flavour of the cigar develops during smoking. Only half way through the cigar is the true flavour released. The length of cigar chosen should be dependent on the time available to smoke it.
Thick or Thin?
The cigars having a sizeable diameter and slow combustion have a tendency to offer a richer flavur when compared to the thin cigars of the same brand. In effect, so as to avoid too hot smoke, the thin cigars do not contain “Ligero”.
Dark or Light?
Some people say that darker cigars are stronger. Not true! The taste comes from the mixture used for the core of the cigar. The dark outer layers add a touch of softness, whereas the lighter outer layers are slightly dryer.
Old or Young?
Stored correctly, the cigar will age well, and will keep like a good wine for fifteen years or more! The majority of cigars smoked are one or two years old. Store them and wait!

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